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Car Karlo Frequently Asked Questions for Car Owners:

Car Karlo is an aggregator service for car rentals listing self drive cars, with-driver cars, caravans and vintage cars. Car Karlo enables the hosts to build a passive source of monthly income by renting out their vehicle when not in use and even grow beyond by building a successful portfolio of cars over a period of time.
You may fill in the Share and Earn form and our onboarding team will reach out shortly with next steps. Please read through this FAQ section to get answers to most of your questions before filling in the Share and Earn request form.
By Signing up for the Share and Earn option, car owners can get their cars listed on Car Karlo platform and get verified bookings. By signing up for the Share and Earn option, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to Car Karlo Terms and Conditions.
The following are the checklist for your car to be eligible to be listed on Car Karlo platform: You need to be over 18 Years of age to get your car listed on Car Kalo The car needs to be registered on your name and residential address Only cars registered after 2012 (except for vintage cars) are accepted on the platform currently You are in possession of all the original documents The car has comprehensive insurance which is in validity period.
Here are the list of documents needed to get your car successfully onboarded on Car Karlo platform: RC INSURANCE POLICY PUC FASTag HOST CANCELED CHEQUE PAN CARD ADHAAR CARD
This is a specialized task done by the Car Karlo inspection and verification team. Meeting our certification, your car gets approval for onboarding.
Once we receive all your documents our support team runs verification checks which includes document verification and a comprehensive car health checkup. Post verification checks our technicians will plan a home visit to get our IOT device installed in your car and tested. Once the tracking device is enabled, your car is ready to go live on our platform and start receiving bookings. Meanwhile, our backend team will get the host agreement signed with you.
In an ideal scenario it takes about 3-5 working days to get your car live on our platform. Depending on the number of requests received there might be times where it might take a little more time than usual as we work through shortlisting and onboarding cars from the previous batch of requests received. In such cases we would request you to have patience and we will get your car on board at the earliest.
There could be multiple reasons why we might decide not to onboard your car on our platform. This may include and not limited to shortcomings in the following area: Documentation Ownership Check Car Health Check Beyond these, in certain cases Car Karlo might decide not to onboard any further cars from a particular location due to the high density of existing cars onboarded from that location. In such a scenario we will hold your details with us and get your car onboarded at the next earliest opportunity.
Typically once your car is onboarded on Car Karlo, hosts can expect their first booking within the first week but may vary depending on customer choice, market demand, location, long weekend, festive time etc. In case of low demand in your area, our backend team would also be working behind the scenes to identify bookings from other locations where the demand is high and the customers are willing to pay for pick and drop service.
You will receive an alert on the Car Karlo Mobile App every time you receive a booking.
The car will be parked at the host’s parking location and will be visible on the Car Karlo Mobile App for the customer to locate the car.
On days where you plan to use your car, you may turn off the availability of the car on our platform by using the Car Karlo Mobile App. Make sure that you turn it back on whenever you want to start getting bookings.
As a host you don’t have to do anything on receiving a booking. All you need to ensure is that the car is in good condition and you don’t have valuables left in the car. A spare key is kept in the glovebox for the customer to pick from with copies of rc, insurance policy, puc and FASTag with minimum Rs.1000 recharged. Everything else will be handled by our backend team.
Under the Share and Earn program, you will be eligible to obtain upto 65% of the booking revenue that your vehicle earns with every booking. This may vary depending on condition and rating of the car and the host. In case you are a fleet owner, please reach out for best possible revenue sharing.
Pay out happens within 24 -48 hours of booking end time.
Currently we are not onboarding GST registered users.
You can increase your chances of getting maximum bookings in a month by following the guidelines: Ensure that your vehicle is active on Car Karlo whenever not in use The longer your vehicle remains available on Car Karlo the higher chances of getting bookings Ensure your vehicle is well maintained and clean for a higher customer satisfaction and repeat or longer duration bookings Weekends and festivals typically have higher demand so ensure that your vehicle is available on Car Karlo during these days.
While there are many parameters which might impact your monthly earning potential in the Share and Earn model, we are anticipating that most hosts listing their cars on Car Karlo might earn in the following range: 5 Seater upto Rs.40,000 7 Seater upto Rs.50,000
Other than the safety device installed on your car, Car Karlo ensures thorough check on the customer booking your car. Also, pre and post booking checks have to be filled in by both host and customers to ensure that the vehicle is being handed over and returned in as is condition.
Any minor damage to the car during the booking hour will be borne by the customer with a maximum liability of Rs.10,000 and will be charged at actuals. In case of any major damage to the vehicle the comprehensive insurance cover of the host will be applicable and any damage that is not covered in insurance will be paid by the customer. Any breakdown due to accident/fault driving/traffic violation/ illegal activity will have to be settled offline keeping the car owner and Car Karlo aside.
This service can be availed across the city with the help of Car Karlo assistance. Car Karlo will assign a garage partner to take care of your repair and damage work.
As a host you can report any damage to your car by filling in the end of the booking checklist. The damage needs to be informed within 24hrs of the booking end time. Also, the car is not to be used post the booking when the damage has occurred, failing which the damage report will not be considered.
Traffic violations challans are issued by traffic police and the same can be tracked on . Challan issued during booking hours has to be borne by the customer.
The servicing and maintenance of the vehicle is to be managed by the host.
Breakdown support will be provided from Car Karlo but breakdown time will not be considered for any repairs during the booking tenure in case of fault driving/mishandling and the repairing cost will be borne by the customer. In case the breakdown happens due to poor maintenance of the car the breakdown cost will be borne by the host.
Once a damage request is raised, the Car Karlo team will verify the damage with the checklist image and get back with the next action points. Some scenarios: In case the damage has happened during the booking period the customer will be liable to pay for the damage. Car Karlo will follow up with the customer and get the damage payment done. In case the car damage has happened due to bad maintenance of the car the host will be liable to pay. In case the car is still in a good running condition and the car can continue earning revenue the host can decide to keep the car listed and get the repair done later. In case the host would like to get the car repaired, they can let the Car Karlo team know to coordinate with the garage partner.
The Host needs to ensure that at the start of each trip, a minimum level of fuel is maintained in the car for the customer to reach the nearest fuel station.
The Host is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the car before each booking.
In such a case the Host can inform us through the end of the booking checklist and Car Karlo will take appropriate action. Meanwhile we would request you to get the car cleaned and ready for the next booking.
The following are points the hosts need to ensure before start of booking period: The car is parked at the designated parking lot The car keys along with the copy of documents are kept in the glove box or the host is available to hand over the keys in person All your personal belongings are removed from the car. Car Karlo does not take any responsibility for your personal belongings left in the car. The car is maintained clean and has all tools, jack and spare tyre. The car is in good driving condition. The car has enough fuel for the customer to drive to the nearest fuel station.
Delay in keeping the car ready at the time of booking or delay in handing over the car may negatively impact your ratings and will impact your future bookings.
Once a booking is confirmed the host cannot cancel or reschedule. Once a booking is confirmed the host is required to serve the booking request. Any denial would impact host ratings and may lead to lower bookings in future. Also, denial to serve a booking after confirmation will also impact Car Karlo customer experience. Repeated cancellation may get you delisted from our platform.
As per Car Karlo policy, the host needs to have FASTag installed and have sufficient balance of Rs.1,000 at all times.
End of the trip the FAStag charges incurred by the customer during a trip will be calculated and added to your payout amount.
Deep cleaning service at the door-step just after 10 bookings completed Alerts regarding regular maintenance, insurance and PUC renewals of your car Incentives plan will be communicated from time to time.